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Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal Design Competition


Hanok Roof
Site Plan
Lower Floor Plan
Upper Floor Plan
Roof Plan
Section & Elevation
Visitor's Flow
Marina Facility
Eco-Friendly Design

The proposed site is on The Han River, which running through the central part of the Korean Peninsula. The Han River served as the base of people’s livelihood with traces of long history and culture. In the past, it was a symbol of South Korean economic development as one of the important trade route. The current value of the proposed site is as one of the tourist attraction in Seoul. Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal expects to be an important site that domestic and foreign tourists visit, so the proposal should comply with visitors demand and boost the existing value of the river.


The main direction of the building is from the park to the river as the proposal can obtain better access and view. 

To create natural ventilation, the proposal contains a few corridors through North-East to South-West. In addition, parts of floating piers run through the building and create more corridors which allow flexible access to visitors. The marina facility is extended from the terminal building on parallel of the riverside line as well as on the line of terminal building. This also makes easier to organise additional marina facilities in the future.

The multi-level interchange is connected to the upper floor. The upper floor function is a restaurant and a view terrace, so that visitors from the multi-level interchange could approach those facilities without intersecting ferry terminal users. Even when the ferry terminal facility is closed, this area could be operated separately. The upper floor and the lower floor are connected with staircase and lift, directing towards the area of ticket office for the convenience of the ferry terminal users came from the interchange.

Whole ferry terminal building is covered by a panel of zig-zag geometry roof. This shape is inspired by traditional Hanok village.


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