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Bethnal Green, London

Triumph pavilion 2020



The pavilion aims to attract visitors attention to bring more people to the middle lawn, provide "discoveries" existing richness of the site.

When you walk along the path on the Museum Gardens, you would feel horizontal divisions coming from line of lawns, fences and trees etc. This division would limit depth of the park view from the path, made it monotonous. 

We proposed to insert a neutral material to soften/blur the dividing lines, create more depths to attract visitors.


The pavilion is consisted of perforated square tubes. Looking surroundings though the pavilion holes and gaps expects to discover something new that you have not noticed before.

The main material of the pavilion is recycled plastic. We propose 3D printing method using recycled clear plastic filament. Construction of this plastic pavilion is a great opportunity to demonstrate possibilities of recycled plastic as well as the latest 3D printing method. Visitors will be able to “discover” the material in real scale and think how it was made.

One element is 100mm wide with various heights and depths. Those elements are 3D printed off-site and assembled on-site with frame.


Visualisation by Konrad Limanówka

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