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Yokohama, Japan

The future living in the community 


After World War II, Japanese economy developed remarkably. During that period, Japanese local government built housing complex buildings to attract workers and their families. Those houses were ideal place to live for previous generations as they were applied modern design within specious area with reasonable price.

However, as the style of standard family has been changing, those houses face to difficulty to attract current generation. In fact, the average age of residents are rising.

This competition aims to organise a community centre in the area of housing complex buildings for future generations to expand new vision of living in those houses with other people.

We set the design concept as attracting young mothers. By organising events and meeting space, mothers would find advantages of growing up own children in the housing complex with other families helping each other.

We proposed to rebuild office and storage buildings and create new entrance to the main open space from the direction of nearest train station as considering that they will be able to have various events around the community centre.

The entrance area is covered by timber framed structure with a symbolic shape of house, to softly divide the space. The house shape also implies that "everyone is family in a same house".

Visualisation by Konrad Limanówka

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