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Ząbkowice Śląskie, Poland

old school apartment


Flat 9 Living/Dining/Kitchen
Flat 9 Living/Dining/Kitchen
Flat 9 Living/Dining/Kitchen
Flat 9 Living/Dining/Kitchen
Ground Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Flat 9 Plan
Proposed Section
Existing Structure

We designed a conversion of a historical old school building into ten two-bed flats.

Original brickwork will be retained to achieve a harmonious blend of traditional and modern design and create a unique and special home.

Converting a historical building into flats is a complex process that requires careful consideration of architectural, historical, and regulatory aspects.
Our main focus consideration was to develop a detailed design that respects the historical integrity of the building while accommodating the conversion into flats. Preserve and highlight key historical features, such as facades, windows, structural elements and architectural details, whenever possible.

The touch of contemporary design plays an important role in our design while blending smoothly with historical elements.

Phase 1 will be the restoration and refurbishment of the existing structure and Phase 2 will be the new build apartment next to it.

Visualisation by Konrad Limanówka

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